Presort Mailing

Processing approximately 154 billion pieces of mail a year, the USPS can be very complex. DivcoData has the knowledge, training and expertise to navigate the USPS system, garner the best pricing and process the mail so that it is delivered exactly as it was intended.

Print & Mail Expertise

DivcoData processes many different types of mail. Whether it’s variable data tax statements, tag renewal notices, certified mail letters, direct mail marketing, even non-profit appeal letters, DivcoData can advise your organization on the best setup for cost efficiency, accuracy and speed of delivery.

Value-Added Services

DivcoData offers programs and processes that will help insure the mail is delivered correctly and timely. Our software systems check for updated addresses due to millions of people moving each year, in addition our software system also performs address hygiene and checks to see if the address given is a deliverable address according to the 156.1 million delivery points in the United States. Intelligent Mail Barcodes also allow us to track mail pieces as they are entered into the postal system for delivery verification. All of these devices are designed to simplify the mailing process and help get mail pieces to their locations and save your money in the process.

Saving you money

There are many things that can impact the bottom line when it comes to mailing. DivcoData has the experience to walk our clients through the maze of options and selections to help gain maximum discounts by automating the mail through the postal system. Our systems are so advanced that your mail is already accepted at the postal system once your data is processed and in production. This automation speeds the mail delivery to your constituents as all the sortation is already accomplished for faster processing.

Our data processing services include:

CASS certification to ensure USPS verified addresses are used
NCOA processing provides the most up-to-date addresses
Delivery Point Verification (DPV) ensures addresses are actually deliverable
Applying Intelligent Mail Barcodes, presorting and multi-grouping services to garner maximum postage discounts

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